Sunday, March 8, 2009

Types of Bone Fractures

Fractures can occur when too much pressure is applied to a bone. Learn about the different types of bone fractures.


  1. Dr. David
    Arthroscopy (also called arthroscopic surgery) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which an examination and sometimes treatment of damage of the interior of a joint is performed using an arthroscope, a type of endoscope that is inserted into the joint through a small incision. Arthroscopic procedures can be performed either to evaluate or to treat many orthopaedic conditions including torn floating cartilage, torn surface cartilage, ACL reconstruction, and trimming damaged cartilage.

    The advantage of arthroscopy over traditional open surgery is that the joint does not have to be opened up fully. Instead, only two small incisions are made - one for the arthroscope and one for the surgical instruments. This reduces recovery time and may increase the rate of surgical success due to less trauma to the connective tissue. It is especially useful for professional athletes, who frequently injure knee joints and require fast healing time. There is also less scarring, because of the smaller incisions. Irrigation fluid is used to distend the joint and make a surgical space. Sometimes this fluid leaks into the surrounding soft tissue causing extravasation and edema [1]

    The surgical instruments used are smaller than traditional instruments. Surgeons view the joint area on a video monitor, and can diagnose and repair torn joint tissue, such as ligaments and menisci or cartilage

    Arthroscopy is used for joints of the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, foot, and hip.

  2. A bone fracture fracture (sometimes abbreviated FRX or Fx, Fx, or #) is a medical condition in which there is a crack in the a continual of the bone. A bone fracture can be the result of high force impact or stress, or trivial injury as a result of certain medical conditions that weaken the bones, such as osteoporosis, bone cancer, or osteogenesis imperfect, where the fracture is then properly termed a pathologist fracture.Although broken bone and bone break are common colloquialisms for a bone fracture, break is not a formal orthopedic term.Orthopedic Instruments

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